Empowering Hispanic students at the world's top universities.



To prepare high-achieving Latinx students in the Phoenix area for excelling at prestigious institutions of higher education. We aim to increase self-confidence, promote independence, and foment the development of self-identity by exposing students to relevant cultural and academic environments and enabling greater accessibility to home support systems. Our commitment to low operating costs serves to return maximum benefits to our scholars and donors, and this includes leveraging the power of technology whenever possible. We take action with the knowledge that our reputation is at stake in all that we do.



We aim to provide the following, and funds are prioritized in this order: 


Tuition and travel costs for high school students attending  highly-competitive summer programs away from home.


Winter preparedness for students attending selective universities in cold climates, especially those who are unaccustomed to harsh winters.


Travel costs for high school graduates to relocate to a selective university away from home and travel home during winter and summer breaks. 


Networking and service opportunities for community members who want to help funnel our youth to top universities. 


“One of the most pervasive themes in the anthology is the notion of feeling like an outsider in an environment where most students were white and of a different socioeconomic class. Sotomayor experienced this in the 1970s, but even in the early 2000s — when De Leon was an undergraduate student at Connecticut College — things had scarcely changed. ”

regarding justice sotomayor and writer jennifer de leon's college experiences  |  devin karambelas, boston public radio



Mi Victoria Scholarship Fund was founded in 2018 with the hopes of leveling the playing field for underprivileged Latinx high school students looking to attend competitive universities. The idea stemmed from our founder's experience and obstacles as a freshman at Harvard College in 2007. We have observed that other students are still facing the same challenges, and that's why we formed this organization--to encourage our students to believe that they have what it takes to make it to these types of institutions, and to arm them for success once they're there. Our long-term goal is to propel Latinx people into spaces where we are underrepresented in order to effect positive institutional and societal changes over time.


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