Ana Luján


Ana migrated to the U.S. from Mexico at the age of 5. "My earliest memory of being in the U.S. is my first day of school, in first grade. I looked at my dad, worried, and asked him how I would be able to understand my teacher because I couldn't speak English". Quickly thereafter  she was fluent in English and fell in love with school. She has attended numerous colleges and universities on her educational journey, even if only for a semester each, one of which was Harvard in 2007. She most recently graduated from Grand Canyon University with an MBA. Her family and community continue to be the bedrock of her drive and purpose in life. 



Desiree Garcia

president, board of directors


Desiree Garcia, a native Phoenician, currently serves as the Board Chair of Mi Victoria Scholarship Fund. Ms. Garcia, Valley Leadership Institute alumni, is dedicated to her community and has over 10 years of non-profit experience. Through her passion for the community Ms. Garcia has organized ‘Desi’s Birthday Wish’, an event that has fed over 400 homeless and hungry men, women and children of Phoenix annually for her birthday. When not working or volunteering, Desiree enjoys spending time with her family.




Jacklyn Angel

secretary, board of directors


A daughter of Mexican immigrants and a first-generation college student, Jacklyn Gueyger and her family were guided through the college transition process by the Achieving a College Education (ACE) Program.  Thanks to ACE, Jacklyn started attending Phoenix College while still attending Carl Hayden High School in Phoenix. In 2010, she graduated a year before her class with a Bachelor’s degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communication at Arizona State University.

Jacklyn is a proud graduate of the American Express Leadership Academy at ASU Lodestar Center - Class of 2018-19 and Valle Del Sol’s Hispanic Leadership Institute – Class of 2016. Jacklyn has more than six years of experience in the nonprofit sector, specifically in college access programing. She has focused her career in providing Arizona youth with opportunities to continue their post secondary education, particularly in under-represented communities.  She currently volunteers at Victory Outreach Phoenix Church where she mentors young women to live a life of purpose. 

Jacklyn and her husband, Moses, reside in the West Valley with their son, Ean, and two dogs: Chapo and Zeke.



jorge headshot .jpg

Jorge Luján

Treasurer, board of directors


[“Simone Weil, the great French Jewish philosopher, said it well when she said, “Love of thy neighbor and all of its fullness - being able to say to him or her, ‘What are you going through? Can I be of service?’” And, yes it’s true that an all-embracing moral vision means that we have to cut against the grain because we live in a moment of xenophobic frenzy, of groups and tribes and clans and nations that want to close ranks, put up thick walls of demarcation, make it more difficult to build the kind of bridges that we know are requisite to create not simply a sustainable, but a just society and world... Last, but not least, there is a need for audacious hope. And it's not optimism. I'm in no way an optimist. I've been black in America for 39 years. No ground for optimism here, given the progress and regress and three steps forward and four steps backward. Optimism is a notion that there's sufficient evidence that would allow us to infer that if we keep doing what we're doing, things will get better. I don't believe that. I'm a prisoner of hope, that's something else. Cutting against the grain, against the evidence.”

-Cornel West

Brother West spoke these words about 25 years ago, and the poignancy of their enduring accuracy is disquieting, if not downright sorrowful.]

Victoria Gonzalez Headshot.jpg

Victoria Gonzalez

Marketing coordinator