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Un Abrigo, Un Abrazo


“I fell every other week into the chilling 6-inch deep snow. I could not afford Canadian goose like the warm and wealthy population of Colgate University- a primarily white institution. So I stuck with layering my Ross sweaters that I considered a luxury. It’s worked for now, but I have only heard of the horror snow stories that come in the real part of winter in this upcoming Spring Semester. Right now I just cannot afford winter clothes that are suitable for the powerful winds and the yearly 86 inch snowfalls of Central New York. “ - Jasmin Lopez, Colgate ‘22, Un abrigo un abrazo recipient ‘18

Our application form for winter clothing assistance will reopen on October 1, 2019.

General Criteria for Applicants:

·        Self-identify as Hispanic/Latinx/Indigenous of Latin America.

·        Graduated from a Phoenix area high school.

·        Currently attending a university outside of Arizona in a cold climate.

·        Demonstrate financial need.


·        Application forms must be submitted to ana@mivictoria.org by October 15, 2019.

·        Recipients will be notified November 1, 2019.

·        Recipients will receive $200 for winter clothing/shoes.

Questions? Contact us at ana@mivictoria.org.

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Summer Scholar

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After following several cohorts of underrepresented students at its Center for Talented Youth summer program, Johns Hopkins University found that students “are more likely to be accelerated in their home schools and/or to participate in supplemental coursework, take more honors and Advanced Placement courses in their home schools, show a greater increase in their SAT scores from middle to high school, and are more likely to attend highly competitive colleges and universities in greater numbers”. In addition, the students derived social benefits like “becoming friends with other bright students”, “feeling a sense of belonging”, “finding a social support network”, “becoming more socially adept and confident”, and “increased maturity and independence”.

“My brothers and I quickly agreed that getting minimum wage jobs was only a short-term solution to helping our parents financially; the key to a long-term impact was in our education. By 2013, my 3 older brothers became high school Valedictorians… I knew I had to follow my older brothers’ footsteps and continue to set the bar even higher for my youngest brother. Through my father’s daily sacrifices, I get the necessary motivation to excel in school,serve my community, and gain field experience through various organizations. I participate in Future Business Leaders of America, National Honor Society,Weightlifting, and volunteer at Hospice of the Valley all while maintaining a 4.0 G.P.A.” - lorena calderon, summer scholar recipient ‘19, harvard summer school

The application form for the Mi Victoria Summer Scholar Program will reopen in early May of 2020.

General Criteria for Applicants:

  • Self-identify as Hispanic/Latinx/Indigenous of Latin America.

  • Attending a Phoenix-area high school.

  • Demonstrate financial need.

  • Must have been accepted to a competitive summer academic program away from home at the time of application submission.


  • Completed application forms can be e-mailed to ana@mivictoria.org.

    • Acceptance notice from your summer program.

    • Unofficial copy of your high school transcript.

  • Recipients will receive $2,000 toward tuition/fees to be paid directly to the academic institution.

Questions? Contact us at ana@mivictoria.org.